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We meet on Wednesdays at 4:40pm in Plant Science room G22, and we hold plant sales on most Fridays all across campus but most frequently at Mann Library Lobby. Come stop by!

"What is Hortus Forum?" you may ask... Hortus Forum is Cornell’s horticulture club.

We grow a wide variety of houseplants on campus in the Kenneth Post Lab greenhouses. We hold weekly plant sales to maintain greenhouse costs, fund educational horticulture trips, service projects, and community social events. Past trips have been to Costa Rica, Longwood garden, Puerto Rico, Holland, and Florida. We also hold a variety of social events during the year with other interests groups.

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Jonathan Price
Greenhouse Manager
Care for, maintain, and propagate plants. Spread general interest in plants


Myles Collinson
Greenhouse Manager
Grow plants


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